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Chairman's Message

Toshiaki Egashira Chairman

I was appointed as the chairman of the steering committee on April 1 of this year as the successor of chairman Kitayama.

Mitsui Interbusiness Research Institute, or MIRI, was established in October 1978, with the participation of major companies from the Mitsui Group, for the purpose of applying the management resources of the group companies more effectively.

MIRI, as the subsidiary organization of "Nimokukai"(*), has been carrying out various studies and research with active coordination and cooperation from the group companies in order to accomplish its mission of "collecting knowledge and intelligence for interbusiness among different business fields".

Primarily introducing the concept of "Interbusiness", this Institute fulfills its function by conducting studies and research to find methods of creating new business fields. Furthermore, it obtains and provides important information concerning subjects common to Mitsui Group companies.

In recent years, social and economic surroundings have been changing widely with the advance of globalization and communication networks. It is increasingly important that there be cooperation among different fields of business and promotion of technological compounding outside traditional frameworks. In view of this new era, we must be better equipped with a deeper insight into the future and a global point of view.

In order to meet these expectations, under its Executive Committee, MIRI has three General Committees, namely Planning & Administration, Society & Science and Technology, which consist of member companies' representatives. Each General Committee has a standing Planning Committee that works to arrange important themes for the Working Committees. The Working Committees study and research the designated special themes collaborating with each other from an interbusiness point of view.

More than 500 researchers, including executives and specialists from 31 Mitsui Group companies, participate in this project. This has a great effect on not only putting the fruits of their efforts to practical use, but also promoting human resource exchange among group companies.

In taking up new challenges in response to changes in various fields and in predicting the needs of the times, we will at times thoroughly discuss each subject while adopting a multidirectional and Interbusiness approach to business, as we aim to contribute to economic and social progress around the world, while having a positive effect on the day to day management of the participating companies.


April, 2018

Toshiaki Egashira

(*)“Nimokukai” is a presidential club made up of core companies belonging to the Mitsui Group.It was established by a group of 18 companies on October 12,1961, following on from the major Mitsui & Co. merger in 1959. Membership is only open to the presidents and chairmen of eligible companies.It was named Nimokukai because meetings take place on the second (ni in Japanese) Thursday (mokuyobi) of every month.Its main aim is to exchange information and foster good relationships, so as to help strengthen ties within the Mitsui Group. There are currently 25 member companies.

Source: MITSUI GROUP Profile, The MITSUI Public Relations Committee

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